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          1. 華拓生物可供應幾萬種生物試劑


            位于生技圣地--美國圣地亞哥的Abbiotec,是2007年新成立的一間生物技術公司,其產品在生命科學實驗有著廣泛的應用;Abbiotec公司專注于開發抗體,多肽,蛋白等試劑和使其不斷市場化;Abbiotec的專有技術使其能夠高效的挑選,設計和生產抗體,裂解物,以及各種試劑,讓研究人員能夠更專注于他們的研究。高質量、創新與完整的產品、合理的價格為Abbiotec不變的堅持與承諾;Abbiotec將不斷為滿足客戶的需要和讓他們獲得更好的成果而努力。產品系列主要包括:Antibodies、Peptides、Proteins、Lysates、Kits and Reagents
            Abbiotec is a company focused on developing and commercializing next generation antibodies and reagents for the life science research community. Our proprietary technologies allow us to select, design, and produce antibodies, lysates, and various reagents with a high degree of skill and efficiency so researchers can better focus their energies on their experimental designs and ideas.
            Abbiotec is a different type of reagent company for a new century of demanding and exciting research projects and ideas. Our tools enable the study of human biology and disease at the cellular and molecular levels, with cross applications in diagnostic assays that we hope may eventually lead to promising therapeutics.
            Abbiotec will also offer various complementary kits and solutions in the areas of genomics, proteomics, cell and tissue culture, and areas important for studies in functional genomics, signaling pathways, immunology, cancer, and brain disorders.
            At Abbiotec, we believe that a strong relationship with our research community is the surest way to show our dedication and pride in our work and to allow for the maximum of success and satisfaction to our customers. 

            Otwo Biotech (shenzhen) Inc. 





            PL Laboratories Inc. 簡稱PLLABS,2005年成立于加拿大溫哥華,PLLABS專注于生命科學和 醫藥技術開發領域,擁有專業且一流的技術團隊,為全球科研用戶和生物醫藥企業提供高質量的產品和可 靠的技術服務來滿足客戶和合作伙伴全方位和長遠發展的需要;PLLABS技術團隊豐富的研發經驗和勇于開 拓創新使得PLLABS能在生物技術不斷發展的今天依然能保持優勢?,F有常規產品兩萬余種:包括單克隆和 多克隆抗體,多肽,化合物,藥物中間體,藥物肽,化妝品肽等,并能供應診斷試劑所需的抗體和相關產 品,同時也提供抗體制備、多肽合成和醫藥相關技術開發服務。
            PL Laboratories was established to facilitate current scientific research and drug discovery. Our aim is to provide quality products and reliable scientific services to meet the full needs or beyond the expectation of our customers and collaborators. PL Laboratories specialize in antibody production, peptide synthesis and related products and services, including amino acids, Fmoc amino acids and Boc amino acids for peptide synthesis, and recombinant proteins. PL Laboratories always strives to expand and optimize our products and services on an on-going basis.

            Our products include: 
               · Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
               · Peptides and proteins
               · Elisa and other test kits
               · Chemicals including Fmoc amino acids, Boc amino acids and coupling agents
            In addition to our research-related specialty chemicals and biological reagents, we also offer bulk products and OEM services for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical peptides, cosmetic peptides, diagnostic antibodies and healthcare antibodies.

            Our philosophy is to offer you the highest quality products and services, no matter you are a novice or an expert in the scientific field. We are here to work together with you in moving toward your research goals or commercial targets. With PL Laboratories, you have our full commitment to support your efforts in every possible way.









            Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) 1994年創立于美國舊金山,主要提供多肽合成,抗體制備和引物合成服務。GSI公司也生產和提供上千種的單克隆和多克隆抗體,各種動物的二抗和標記二抗,幾百種人和動物的ELISA試劑盒等產品。十余年的研發和服務經驗使得GSI贏得了成千上萬研究人員的信任與支持,其產品也被更多的應用并發表在各種刊物上。2007年GSI公司從舊金山搬遷至德克薩斯州的圣安東尼奧,GSI將為全世界的科研人員提供更多更優質的產品服務。
            Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) was established in 1994 in San Francisco to offer quality services in the area of custom peptides, custom antibodies, and custom Oligo (DNA) synthesis. In the early 1990s, there were not too many commercial companies offering such services. Synthesis of peptides and antibodies, cloning and expression of genes was worth researcher’s own time and often resulted into high quality publications. Most universities and institutions operated their own in-house ‘core facilities’ to meet the demands of their scientists. Therefore, in the early phases of sub-contracting of scientific experiments and research projects, it was more about earning the trust of scientific community than the actual sub-contracting expenses. 
            Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) was not only one of the selected few companies who ventured early into the commercialization of custom peptide, antibodies, and oligo (DNA) synthesis but it continued to offer better product and services through innovations and the use of latest instruments. As a result, GSI has been able to offer better quality at reduced prices and quicker turn around time. GSI can now make peptides up to ~100 amino acids perform many complex peptide modifications. Oligo (20-50 bases) can be made, quality tested and shipped within 24-hrs. Using more sophisticated DNA synthesizers and sequencers, GSI can synthesize genes up to 1-2 kb and verify by DNA sequencing. It is often quicker and less expansive to synthesize short genes than to clone them. Synthetic genes can also be cloned, expressed, and recombinant proteins purified for a variety of uses including antibody production.
            More than a decade of dedicated services, Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) is really honored to earn the trust of 1000s of scientists all over the world. We take pride in 1000s of top-quality publications from the use of our products and services. When asked about GSI’s expertise references, we simply refer to the growing list of publications instead of relying upon so called ‘testimonials’ or ‘statements’ from unknown users.
            With the completion of ‘Human Genome Project’ in 2003, we have witnessed the most amazing and monumental scientific achievement in the history of mankind. It will not be too long when fruits of this labor are realized in the form of new drugs, diagnosis and treatments of many diseases and new gene therapies. With the availability of human and other species genomes, there is an ever increasing demand for Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) product and services.  In May 2007, Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) has moved from San Francisco, CA to San Antonio, TX to expand its operations and offer better services.
            Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) remains obliged and thankful to all scientists who continued to support GSI. 

            深圳市豪地華拓生物科技有限公司為Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI)中國大陸唯一授權代理

            Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI)官網授權代理信息:






            美國 Fluorochorome 公司于1985 年成立于美國科羅拉多州丹佛市,Fluorochorome 一直 致力于熒光染料的研究與開發,其專利產品Fluoro Gold(熒光金)自 1985 年來在全球范圍 內被廣泛應用,并有大量的參考文獻。同時,Fluorochrome公司特別開發了高靈敏度的 Fluoro-Gold Antibody 、以及 Fluoro-Ruby(紅色熒光金)等產品,Fluorochrome 公司堅 持以優質的產品和熱情的服務贏得了良好的知名度和口碑。





            Biosyn公司的KLH很好的解決了沉淀問題, 其KLH溶液產品的保質期可長達4年。  

            傳統凍干粉狀態KLH會產生大量沉淀并可能導致在使用該產品過濾沉淀時損失高達30%-40%, 好的KLH制劑溶液應在結合前極少沉淀,從而可產生高效的偶聯和增強抗體反應。Biosyn公司于1995年創立于美國加州,是一家專業同時研發和生產高質量的科研和臨床級別血藍蛋白的生物醫藥公司。目前biosyn公司生產的血藍蛋白在大型國際醫藥公司中有約30%的市場占有率。 Biosyn公司的KLH很好的解決了沉淀問題, 其KLH溶液產品的保質期可長達4年。

            About biosyn Corporation Company

            biosyn Corporation is a pharmaceutical and biotech company established in 1995 in California. The company is focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of novel hemocyanin and selenium products.

            biosyn hemocyanin and immunocyanin products have since been marketed under the trade name IMMUCOTHEL® and VACMUNE® and are now well recognized quality investigational products and are used extensively as carrier protein for investigation vaccine production and as a tracer molecule in vaccine preparation, as a neoantigen and for immune status evaluation.

            biosyn is world leader in the manufacture of high quality, clinical/GMP and research grade hemocyanin product. At present, 3 of the 10 biggest international pharmaceutical companies are using biosyn hemocyanin products for research and development of novel vaccines in advanced stages.

            Having successfully registered the biosyn drug product selenase® in Europe, including Russia, as well as in Asian and South American countries, and with the increased interest in selenium usage for clinical investigation in the USA, biosyn filed the Drug Master File with the US FDA in 2008 to enable and support the usage of the biosyn standardized selenium product in investigational studies.

            biosyn's future goal is to ensure quality product availability and regulatory support to its current and new customers for investigational and commercial purposes.



            Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc (DBC)公司創立于1973年,是一家40余年專業研發生產和銷售診斷和公共健康領域免疫檢測分析試劑盒的企業。DBC的創始和研發人員豐富的研發經驗和技術進步使得其意識到向客戶提供提供簡單而優質試劑盒產品的重要性,迄今為止DBC公司已經成功研發了放射免疫(RIA),酶聯免疫(ELISA),化學發光(LIA)分析系列化產品。作為全球高質量免疫分析產品的生產商,DBC公司不斷致力于研究開發新技術和工藝使得其在診斷試劑和提高人類生活質量領域保持領先地位。
            DBC公司的診斷試劑產品已通過FDA認證。 作為診斷試劑行業的領導者,在40多年里DBC公司向全球各個國家和地區不斷提供著高質量和獨特的診斷試劑盒產品,DBC公司將以此為宗旨并繼續問為客戶提供更加優質和有競爭力的產品。
            At Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc (DBC) it is has been our mission for over 40 years to develop and market unique immunoassay kits that make a difference in the field of diagnostics and public health. As a manufacturer of high quality immunoassays to a global market, we are constantly looking for new technologies and applications that can lead to an improvement in the diagnosis of disease and ultimately impact the quality of life of people around the world.

            DBC was founded in 1973 by a partnership of medical doctors with the initiative to research, develop and market quality radioimmunoassay kits and reagents. As technology in the field progressed the founders of DBC recognized the need to develop simple and non-isotopic kits for our customers. With a strong research initiative, DBC successfully converted from RIA to the ELISA and LIA technologies of today.

            We have been exporting our products around the globe for over 40 years. As a leader in the industry, it has always been our goal to offer a wide range of test kits and continually introduce new and unique products to the market place. It is our strong commitment to research and development that has enabled us to offer our customers ongoing and unique products

            Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc.
            41 Byron Avenue
            Dorchester, Ontario Canada
            N0L 1G2
            P. (519) 268-8872
            F. (519) 268-7167



            電話:0755-26055215 13265824656
            傳真: 0755-86372180
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